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Taliban killed 13 people to silence music at wedding party, claims Amrullah Saleh

Taliban killed 13 people to silence music at wedding party, claims Amrullah Saleh

Amrullah Saleh, who has declared himself the ‘caretaker’ president of Afghanistan before the Taliban took over the government, has again hit out at the present regime for allegedly killing 13 people to silence music at a wedding party in Nangarhar.

Saleh, who was the vice-president before the Taliban’s takeover, has been tweeting against the group, which is looking to gain legitimacy as the national government of Afghanistan.

“Taliban militiamen have massacred 13 persons to silence music in a wedding party in Nengarhar. We can’t express our rage only by condemnation. For 25 years Pakistan trained them to kill Afghanistan culture & replace it with ISI tailored fanaticism to control our soil. It is now in works,” he tweeted.

In another recent tweet, Saleh also said, “Basically Taliban’s message to the world is that if you don’t recognize us we become worst & worst on rights & values. If u do recognize us we remain bad & less worst. This is an exact copy of the Pak policy 2wrds the west If you give us $$ we remain bad. If you don’t we become worst.”

He also said this regime won’t last but unfortunately, until the moment of its demise, the Afghans will continue paying a price again.

One of the main voices of the Panjshir resistance in Afghanistan, Saleh broke his silence after 49 days on October 23, a month after the Taliban took control of the country.

In a series of tweets, the former vice-president had slammed the “Haqqani trained turbaned terrorist puppets in office who are running the country”.

Saleh, who had declared himself the caretaker president of Afghanistan after Ashraf Ghani fled Kabul, was said to have escaped to Tajikistan after the fall of Panjshir. However, the whereabouts of Saleh is still unknown.

Saleh along with Ahmad Massoud, founder of the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan, had fought against the Taliban from the Panjshir valley. The rapid advancement of the Taliban in the province allegedly led to the end of military resistance in the valley.

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