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Saturday Night Live: Kieran Culkin, Ed Sheeran and Dionne Warwick own the SNL stage

Kieran Culkin took over Saturday Night Live as the host last Saturday. On HBO’s blockbuster series Succession, he portrays the dynamic and impulsive younger brother Roman Roy.

Obviously, he is great in his show, but the tone of SNL and Succession are diametrically opposed. Of course, SNL and Succession are two very different tones of a show. 

Ed Sheeran confirmed his appearance as the musical guest after his recovery from Covid-19. 

Saturday Night Live’s latest episode included Cecily Strong as Judge Jeanine in a Fox News segment, but let’s start with when she stole the show.

She appeared on Weekend Update as “Goober the Clown (who had an abortion at 23)” in a stunningly effective bit of political criticism.

Cecily Strong reprised her role as Jeanine Pirro, and Saturday Night Live poured another excellent cold open.

The Monologue

Most Trigerring sketch



“We can use one of your security questions: What city did your mom lose her virginity in?”

Sketch That Runs Out of Gas

It seemed more like a scene from some godforsaken Ocean’s Eleven imitations than a drawing.

Dionne Warwick asks Dionne Warwick Why She’s So Perfect



“I’m not perfect; I’m very, very good,” she said. It’s a lovely time. Ego reappeared as Dionne, an indifferent diva who moved through a series of superstars.

Weekly Reminder That SNL Should Feature Bowen More



After running for 47 seasons, audiences can predict what is coming next, but SNL writers never let them get ahead. Bhis is the night’s greatest skit. Bowen started things off, while Chris, Andrew, and Kieran all performed admirably. Andrew experienced a bit of a breakthrough moment.  (“You guys have any plans for the summa time? Why would they? It’s November.”)

Weirdest Sketch of the Night



Kieran Culkin sang about riding horses like a skateboard in “The Jockey.” Another blunder in the digital realm. It seemed like it might have worked better on a different show, but the show only escalated from here. 

Michael Che Dating-Preference Reference of the Week

“Political experts say that the Republicans victory in Virginia’s governor’s race was fueled by support by white women who didn’t go to college, which just so happens to be the same group I target on Tinder.”

Gutsiest Character of the Week



Goober the clown, played by Cecily Strong, wanted to talk about abortion and was there to make it amusing. Although abortion is a sensitive topic (Cecily even requests that the comments be disabled), Cecily approaches the skit with composure and passion.

Weekend Update



Music performances of the Week

Ed Sheeran came back to New York after recovering from Covid-19 and took the show by a storm. Collaborating with his band, he showed what he’s best at. As a part of the fan’s request, Taylor Swift is now scheduled to perform on the show on November 13. 


The Last Sketch


The Goodbyes



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