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Jungkook’s ‘Falling’ cover; Jay Z’s ‘Harder They Fall’ tracks: New music this week

Jungkook's 'Falling' cover; Jay Z's 'Harder They Fall' tracks: New music this week

Guess which new song is trending at #37 on YouTube? It’s not a new composition, but a cover of a song of a very famous pop star by another famous pop star. In fact, both made their name by singing in boy bands.

Yes, you guessed it right. BTS vocalist Jungkook took the Internet by storm by dropping an emotional cover of One Direction star Harry Styles’ song ‘Falling’ from the album Fine Line. It has raked in over 9 million views in one day. Teen Vogue happened to call this song the “cover of the year” in an article, and one can only assume that Jungkook numerous fans will agree.

Way across the Pacific over in America, rapper A$AP Rocky hit the release button again with his new single ‘Sandman’. The intense track has the rapper flinging his fast verses behind a lo-fi production which employs backbeats and trance-like music, interspersed with numerous voices and sound effects. The overall impact is heavy, with the release coming from a well-delivered hook line.

Pitchfork reports that Sandman has been produced by Kelvin Krash and Clams Casino, and is included in the release of A$AP Rocky’s 2011 mixtape Live. Love. A$AP, which made its debut on streaming platforms.

Somehow, American rappers seems to be favoring lo-fi tracks nowadays, as rapper Lil Uzi Vert’s latest song ‘Demon High’ has also been produced in that format. Though it has a very pop-like makeover on the whole, the rapper introduces devilish laughs that sets a very spooky mood. NME reported that this single is the rapper’s solo release in almost two years, though he has appeared on a lot of joint productions, most notably with Justin Bieber on his album Justice.

But the man who’s really got his creative juices flowing is none other than the legendary hip-hop artist Jay Z. Two new compositions of his were released recently as part of the soundtrack of the Netflix film The Harder They Fall, which he has also co-produced. One of the songs ‘Guns Go Bang’ has been designed like a Western, with poignant string section evoking pathos, when he starts singing about shooting guns with the sound of gunfire interjecting the track.

The other number ‘King Kong Riddim’ is a high-octane number with a tribal feel to it. Jungle rhythms are evoked, the vocals are jarring but it is definitely bound to get listeners grooving. This news comes just days after Jay-Z’s wife Beyonce made headlines for singing a song ‘Be Alive’ for the Will Smith-starrer movie King Richard.

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